Conference August 25 - 26, 2017

Margaret Price

Margaret studies human behavior to uncover insights for strategic and creative efforts as a Principal Design Strategist at Microsoft.

She has a background in studying human nature and monitoring the cultural landscape to identify areas for creative and strategic growth. Prior to Microsoft, Margaret held various positions across business, design, marketing, R&D, and, brand strategy serving companies like PepsiCo, Target, AT&T, and, Procter & Gamble. Her passion for research and identifying latent human needs has taken her to over 40 countries.

Most recently, Margaret collaborated with a series of industry experts to create a documentary about Inclusive Design and the importance of understanding, designing for, and embracing human diversity. Margaret is currently helping to create, evolve, and, scale the Inclusive Design practice at Microsoft.

Her content strategy is featured in the Inclusive Toolkit which was recently awarded by IXDA and nominated as a FastCO World Changing Idea. Her curriculum has been taught in Universities worldwide. Most recently, within RISD, Brown, UW, and, MIT.

Presentation Title: Inclusive Design: Empathy Building for Innovation

Humans have been at the center of design practices for a long time. Although product makers and designers have always sought to understand their customers, they often miss an opportunity. By including a diverse set of people in the design process with a range of physical and cognitive abilities, we can start to understand how empathy and diversity fuel innovation. In this session, we will reexamine disability and diversity as a source of innovation. Learn how the inclusive design practice can impact your work - even if you're not in the business of making products.